Introducing the Spectrum MDU

Multi Dwelling Units Program

The goal of every owner/investor of Multi Dwelling Units (MDUs) or Multi-Family Units (MFUs) such as apartment buildings, condo complexes, assisted living centers, etc, is to generate recurring monthly income and ultimately generational wealth. What if you could create an additional profit center from your properties that would add thousands in additional revenue to you every month, year after year, with zero upfront cost to you? That is the very definition of maximizing your return on investment!

As an authorized Spectrum agent of many years, I am pleased to have been authorized by Spectrum to offer you this program. This page is an overview of an innovative new program from Spectrum that enables you to significantly increase your monthly recurring revenues AND allows your tenants to use or continue to use Spectrum services such as Internet and TV at a  much lower price less than they would pay otherwise.

There are two primary objectives of this program

  1. To enable the building owner to create an additional revenue stream worth thousands every month for as long as you participate in the program. This can be used to fund administrative tasks, property and building maintenance, add to the building’s Reserve Fund as required by insurance companies, fund new tenant amenities, or simply pocket as profit. No matter how you decide to apply the extra revenue you have effectively created additional income you would not normally have had available to you without this program.
  2. To allow tenants to get the same Spectrum services they enjoy today at a much lower price. Also, that is likely a lower price than your competing apartment or condo complexes, giving you the owner/investor a distinct advantage in attracting new tenants and retaining current tenants.

In brief, your tenants can now get Spectrum Internet and TV at Spectrum’s WHOLESALE rates, which is up to 50% less than Spectrum would normally charge.

Tenants can save significantly on their monthly internet and cable bills which will significantly boost both your marketing to new tenants and your relationship with existing tenants thus improving your retention rates. PLUS, you as the building owner can create an added REVENUE STREAM, resulting from as much as $30,000 additional revenue annually (based on a 50-unit MDU or MFU…..much more for larger properties) which is a revenue stream that you didn’t have before this program.

There is no money required upfront, and if your tenants are already on Spectrum, there is no interruption of service.

I strongly encourage you to feel free to contact me via phone or email to discuss any questions and additional options.

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