Introducing The Spectrum MDU (Multi Dwelling Units) Program

As an authorized Spectrum agent of many years, I am pleased to have been authorized by Spectrum to offer you this program. This page is an overview about an innovative new program from Spectrum that allows the tenants of Multi Dwelling Units (MDUs) such as apartment buildings, condo complexes, assisted living centers, etc, to use or continue to use Spectrum services such as Internet & TV with two primary objectives:

1. To allow tenants to get the same Spectrum services they enjoy today at a much lower price.

2. To allow the building owner to create a revenue stream for administrative tasks, property and building maintenance, and add to the building’s Reserve Fund as required by insurance companies.

In brief, your tenants can now get Spectrum Internet and TV at Spectrum’s WHOLESALE rates, which is up to 50% less than Spectrum would normally charge.

Tenants can save as much as $300 annually with this, and the building owner can create their own REVENUE STREAM with this, resulting in both a one-time “thank you” payment from Spectrum, as well as as much as $30,000 annually with a revenue stream that the owner didn’t have before this program.

There are also many other benefits to the tenant, including options to get greater Spectrum speeds and get Spectrum Premium Channels at WHOLESALE rates.

There is no money required upfront, and if your tenants are already on Spectrum, there is no interruption of service.

Click the NEXT button in the lower right on this page to see pages that provide more details about this program, or please feel free to contact me about it to discuss questions and options.

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