The Spectrum MDU Program Details, con’d

Although the building owner is charged about $50 per unit for Spectrum Internet and Spectrum TV, the suggested amount added to each tenant’s monthly bill would be about $75. (It can be whatever the Owner decides).

This difference intended to cover many things; i.e.:

  • The added administrative cost of receiving each tenant’s Spectrum bill every month.
  • Determining action if a tenant falls behind in monthly payments.
  • Adding money to a fund for building maintenance and property improvements.
  • Adding money to the Reserve Fund, which is required by the insurance company.

Your contract is directly with Spectrum, not with me, where I am simply the authorized Spectrum agent.

Note that each tenant is saving $25 or more per month for the same Spectrum services they have today! Or put another way, that is $300 every year that the tenant is saving!


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