What if you could get Spectrum Internet and Spectrum TV at WHOLESALE PRICING for your entire complex?

Now you can!

I have been a Spectrum partner for over 10 years. Spectrum is rolling out a new program, and although it is not widely available from most Spectrum partners, Spectrum has authorized me, as a 20 year agent of Telarus, the nation’s largest Telecom Master Agency, to offer you an incredible deal, which is a WIN for you and a WIN for your tenants.

Your tenants likely have Spectrum cable Internet today and also have a Spectrum TV package, right?

What if you could get Spectrum Internet plus Spectrum TV at SPECTRUM WHOLESALE PRICING for your tenants, and make that a PROFIT CENTER for yourself, and at the same time, provide your tenants with the SAME (actually, BETTER) Spectrum service than they have today?

You get the Spectrum Internet service and the Spectrum TV package IN BULK AT WHOLESALE PRICING from Spectrum for your complex.  The normal Spectrum cost for this is about $100-$140 per unit, per month.

But now via this new program, the cost for this from Spectrum is about $50 per unit. You can then offer it to your tenants, perhaps most easily by incorporating it into their monthly rent, for any amount you want to, maybe at your wholesale cost, or even with a modest markup, say $80.

You win because in this example, you make $30 per unit PROFIT per month, PER UNIT, and the tenant wins because they save $20-$60/month over what they pay with Spectrum today or would pay with Spectrum with new service. To put this in another perspective, say you have 100 units, that is $3000 per month profit for you! Or put yet another way, that is an additional $36,000 annually that you didn’t have before this program!

I’ve listed some frequently asked questions below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Is this really with Spectrum? 

A1: Yes! Cable companies have historically not allowed a “bulk wholesale” package of their services to MDU’s (Multi Dwelling Units), and Comcast, Cox, and Optimum, as of today, still do not. But Spectrum is seeing how the landscape is changing and has decided to become a major player in this market by making this available to MDU owners like yourself, via me, their authorized agent!

Q2: What if I already have a contract with Spectrum for Internet and TV for my tenants?

A2: No problem! Spectrum is willing to NEGATE that existing contract with no penalty to you and switch you over to this WHOLESALE package!

Q3: So I am charged about $50 (price varies by market, it might even be less) per unit for Spectrum Internet and Spectrum TV, but I can charge the tenant whatever I want to for that service?

A3: Yes!

Q4: What is the minimum number of units?

A4: There is a 50 unit (door) minimum.

Q5: What if some of my tenants want the Premium TV package like with the Sports Channel, HBOmax, Showtime, etc?

A5: No problem! The tenant simply calls Spectrum and Spectrum will add that package to their service and Spectrum will bill the tenant separately for only the added package they chose, which does not effect other units that did not opt for the Premium package. But it gets even better because the tenant is able to get that Premium service at the Spectrum WHOLESALE rates! So for example, instead of HBOmax being a $19.95 per month adder, that HBOmax is just $12.95/month at the wholesale rate!

Q6: What is the minimum term of this contract?

A6: It is a minimum 5 year term.

Q7: What if some tenants already have Spectrum cable Internet and/or Spectrum TV service?

A7: No problem! Consumer contracts with Spectrum do not have a term, but rather are on a month-to-month basis from day 1. So they would cancel their existing service and switch to this identical Spectrum service you are offering as part of their rent, with no downtime or interruption.

Q8: What if some tenants want a higher speed Internet package than the 400 MB that Spectrum is offering here?

A8: No problem! The tenant simply calls Spectrum and Spectrum will add that package to their service and Spectrum will bill the tenant separately for only the added package they chose, without effecting the other units. But again, that speed adder is done at the WHOLESALE rate, so instead of being a (for example) $50 adder, the WHOLESALE rate for that adder is significantly less, like for example $30!

Q9: What if a tenant has a service issue, like the cable Internet went out or a TV problem? I don’t want the tenant to call me about it or the complex administrators or complex maintenance about it?

A9: No problem! The tenant can call Spectrum service about the problem. And the tenant calls the Spectrum MDU group, which is more highly trained and faster to answer than normal Spectrum customer service.

Q10: Say I have this in 50+ units in my complex, but say a certain number of those units move out when their lease is up and a certain number of units remain unoccupied for a period of time. Do I still pay that per-unit cost on unoccupied units?

A10: Yes but Spectrum offers a “ramp up” program to you to accommodate this.

Q11: Is cabling already done to the units in my complex?

A11: Spectrum will verify this with a physical inspection after the order is submitted. The likelihood is very high that cabling already exists to each unit. If cabling does not exist today, Spectrum will determine if they can do this at no charge, or what the charge would be to do this for you. And if there is a cost associated with doing cabling, you can walk away at that point if you wish to, you are not on the hook to pay that cabling fee.

Q12: What are my upfront costs?

A12: None!

Q13: I still have more questions before I can commit to this?

A13: No problem! Give me a call or email me with a good time we can talk, and I am happy to answer any questions for you and can also setup a conference call with you, me, and Spectrum to discuss any remaining questions you may have so you can hear it right from the source!


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